12 Gifts To Buy A Man For The Holidays

By: Erica Lorraine

When I think about buying my man a gift, I find myself getting him things that he should’ve replaced during the year. Like underwear, socks, and t-shirts. You know, the items they wear until they look like scraps. Of course cooking grills, and tool kits are great dad gifts, but let’s step up our gift game moving into the New Year ladies! This list is great for any sporty, suave, smart, singing man.

Here are some ideas to help the ladies out and keep your man smiling:


  • Personalized Sports Gear – This gift will always be a hit. From personalized hats, to jerseys.
  • Coolers-Must have for tailgating, or relaxing in the backyard. Make sure to fill it with his favorite beverage! 
  • Game Season tickets –These can be pricey, but soooo worth the money! Especially if your guy is a die-hard fan.
  • Video Games/GearFor our men who are gamers. Blue light blocking glasses are great to prevent eye strain. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B010B5GUH0/?tag=dodoburd545-20
  • Gas CardsCause who doesn’t love free gas?
  • Kindle Fire HD with Noise Cancelling Headphones- For readers. The headphones will be a nice touch, and allow them to really read in peace
  • Sophisticated Shaving KitThis shaving kit should include all of the necessities such as a nice shaving cream, after shave, and nice razor. https://www.gearhungry.com/best-shaving-kits-for-men/
  • Gym EquipmentThis is a gift that you can build on. Start small and add on to it every year until it’s complete.
  • Spa DayBelieve it or not, men like to be pampered to! Some alone time to relax and get a massage will be welcomed.
  • Watches- Every man should have a nice watch of some sort. Real Men Real style have an excellent guide on how the find the right type of watch https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/watch-styles/
  • Car detail suppliesMost men like to have clean vehicles. Put together a detail kit of car air freshener, a handheld vacuum cleaner, car polish/polish cloth, and some rim cleaner.
  • Wireless Shower SpeakerThis is an amazing speaker that you can attach to your shower wall to blast all of his favorite tunes. https://dodoburd.com/gifts-for-music-lovers

Even though we are the most important gift in our man’s life, these are some great gifts that are sure to make him happy!

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