5 Ways: To Survive the Holidays

By: Regina Stone-Grover

Are you getting ready for the Holidays?  Are you beginning to feel your body tense up at the sound of anything turkey related? Or are you gritting your teeth through the Christmas music? Don’t worry stress can make these next weeks difficult and upsetting for anyone.  Some people may love the creativity of this season, while others may just want to make simple swipes of a card.

Don’t Let The Holidays Stress You Out!

If you’re feeling perfectly joyful this season, you may be the perfect advocate for someone that may be dealing with loss or difficulty due to other challenges, such as mental illness.  Or major life changes like a brand new baby.  Here at Way To Parent, we want to let you know, that we haven’t forgotten about you. 

With so many dynamics in celebrating the holidays, it isn’t just about getting from one destination to another.  Many times getting through the holidays is about making room for changes and transitions.   Feel free to to follow these easy to forget, but useful steps to manage and eliminate unnecessary stress.

1.Set Healthy boundaries:  For many families, that may be experiencing some dynamic changes in tradition, a great way to embrace the change is to inform your family that there needs to be some adjustments to accommodate your needs.  Whether the schedule is changed due to a new baby or just due to adapting some new self-care methods, letting people know that there needs to be some flexibility is a great way to take pressure off of you and them.

2. Decide to Have Fun:  Many times it is so easy to dread something just because you know it’s going to be unpleasant.  This year, whether you decide to eat too many pieces of cake, or any cake at all, decide that you are going to Kiki it up, and laugh off any negative vibes.  When Auntie n’em decide to make the evening light with laughter over things that may or may not be appropriate, while stuffing their faces with Thanksgiving turkey, decide that you will cackle it up, and enjoy your holiday too.  You only do this twice a year.

3. Reflect on Your Needs:  Give yourself moments to inventory how you are feeling.  Write down your emotions and release them.  This is a time of year that it’s easy to get carried away with everything else from schedules to who is getting what gifts.  However, it is more important now than at any other time to reflect on your needs and how you’re feeling.  Taking time to write down your emotions and give yourself space to slow down can make the difference between stressing through November, and enjoying the year coming to a close.

4. Absorb and Embrace Creativity: So much of this year is built around meeting deadlines, and placing energy toward work and outside projects, this is a time that personal and passion projects can be your focus.  Use this time of year to direct stifled energy and channel your feelings.  By creating something that resembles your inner joy, you can allow excess energy to manifest as a positive aspect to close your year on.  Surround yourself with positivity and start next year by basking in the glow of your inner solitude. 

5. Manage Your Expectations:  Even though the Holidays are about cheer and joy, life doesn’t stop.  Be patient with yourself and others, allow for adjustments when things may not go as planned, and remember that these times are about making meaningful memories.  Give yourself the gift of letting things be.


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