How To Catch A Cheater!


E’s Top Threes’

 How to catch a cheater, more specifically, people who cheat in relationships, requires one to have my top threes’. One must first be suspicious, second, sneaky, and thirdly, smart.

 Catching a cheater will be easier for those who were either cheated on in the past, or have cheated in the past. For those who were cheated on, you will recognize the signs right away, and act quickly. For those of you who were the trifling cheaters, you know the game, so get into it, so that you don’t get played.  

 So let’s clarify exactly what is considered cheating. Cheating is doing/saying anything that you wouldn’t do in-front of your significant other. It’s being unfaithful, whether it’s physically, or emotionally.


Stay WOKE!

What are some signs of cheating?

  • They become distant
  • They are uninterested in what you have going on
  • Their attitude towards you changes drastically in a negative way
  • They have conversations on the phone away from you
  • They no longer want to have sexual relations

So now that we are all on the same page, there are quite a few ways to see if your significant other is cheating. Most of us have that intuition that tells us that something isn’t right, but without proof, you will always be in limbo. You deserve to know the truth, and should never feel guilty for pursuing it.

 Before I proceed, to give you what you need, let me first state my disclaimer: When you  start looking for truth, you will find it! Make sure you mentally prepare yourself for whatever you may find, and process how you will deal with it. This by no means lessens the blow, but it will allow you to have a plan.

Let’s go get em’!

 So I will start with the most basic (rookie) way, and work our way up to FBI (vet) status.


Pull up! Sometimes you just need to see if a person is where they say they are. Following them, or randomly doing “pop ups” at their jobs, or the gym will help you to see if they are doing what they claim they are, out of your sight. Now, this strategy requires you to spy. Be smart. Do not drive your car, and try to be incognito. Getting caught will only make you look crazy, and can also be embarrassing. If you unfortunately catch your significant other in the act, try to remain calm, and not get arrested. This will only cause more problems, and no one is worth losing your freedom for. Taking pictures is always a great idea, and for those that are married, can aide in a divorce settlement.



With the Internet comes numerous of ways to catch someone cheating, one of those ways is to create a fake Facebook/Instagram account. We all know exactly what our significant others are attracted to, so find a picture online of someone you think your significant other would be attracted to, and create your account. Now you must have at least 300 friends to seem legit, so make sure to friend requests people who are NOT related to you, and who do not know you. Once creating your account/accounts add your significant other as a friend. DO Not automatically pursue them, start by liking a few pics, and then work your way up to a conversation in their DMs… Yes this is sneaky, and you may feel guilty, but tighten up, we have a mission here! The point is to gain their trust, and see how far they are willing to take it. Once you gain their trust, you can decide how you plan to bust them, and it puts you in control on how to deal with them. For example, If you intended to only see if your partner would take it there, but you still want to be with them, simply use your “fake persona” to end things, and use what new information you may have learned about your significant other, to better your relationship. Maybe they shared some things they like to do, that they’ve never shared with you. You can absolutely turn things around in your relationship by the information you receive.



For my hardcore detectives, the ones who “ain’t bout’ them games,” and don’t have time to mess around… I’ve saved the best for you! This is the most sophisticated way to get all of the proof/ details that you need. Getting a cell phone tracker software will always keep you “in the know.” Yes, there is such a thing, and it will allow you to see everything your significant other does on their phone. You can view all text messages, including deleted ones! You can view every single app they use, including snap chat, and view call logs. And get this, you can even track where they are physically, all from the comfort of your own home. Having you feeling like the Feds for real! This software is also typically used to help parents monitor their children’s activity as well, allowing invisible tracking. This software will help you to catch a cheater within 1-3 business days, minutes if you’re persistent. Don’t be surprised if the cheater tries to come at you for “invading their privacy.” Don’t let that foolery stop you from getting the truth, or addressing it.


 Now most will say, if you have to do all of this, why be with that person? And you’re absolutely right! No one should have to double check behind grown men/women to see if they are cheating. If you don’t want to be with someone, be a man/woman about it, and let the other person know. No one deserves to get cheated on, and it hurts everyone involved, including those with children. Cheating is a selfish choice that breaks up families, and marriages. Typically those doing the cheating don’t ever intend to get caught, and feel invincible doing it.

 For those of you cheating, try paying more attention to what you have versus what you’re missing. Karma is real, and what you sow, you will reap. For those that feel they may be getting cheated on, may truth find you, and also someone else who will be faithful to you.  Don’t let the heart that couldn’t love you keep you from the heart that will.

 Happy Catching!

Article By: Erica Lorraine


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