How To Slay Your New Year’s Outfit

By: Dia Wins

When planning for a New Year celebration, my initial thought is always WHERE TO?! That should always be the first thing to consider when deciding on an outfit, NYE specifically! It also guides you as you evaluate your existing wardrobe. *Insert financial tip/fashion hack here* – Looking through your closet FIRST to decide what you may or may not have before running to the stores or online shopping is a must! It saves you money and could also inspire you for the look you want by glancing over your accessories and/or shoes. Who knows, you may even find a blouse or some bottoms that you could pair with a new item and no one would ever know the entire outfit wasn’t brand new! Thank me later :). Okay, let me get back on task lol. Determining where I would bring the new year in has been an issue I’ve had the past 4 years. It’s somewhat humorous at this point lol. I am a “church girl” to my core, so I usually end up at someone’s “Watch Night Service.” I gas myself up and say I want to go somewhere else to celebrate, like New York! If not New York, then maybe I could go watch some fireworks with my loved ones. Then there’s always those nice local New Year upscale parties that you see on your timeline that make you wonder, “is this the move this year?” Nevertheless, my hope is after reading this article, you at least have an idea of what to look for when preparing your NYE looks, regardless of the place you end up!


I think it’s safe to say I have a look when bringing in the New Year. I blame my mother!! As a child, we dressed for the New Year and gave God our VERY BEST (okay, some of that was for the people too lol) so we would wear velvet sets with fur collars, faux furs and of course the glitter! As church became less impressed by how you dressed we took our duet down a notch. Let’s be clear though, we still dress LOL, we just try not to do too much :). With the look pictured, I decided to pretend that I wasn’t going to church and was perhaps someone’s “plus one” to a nice upscale New Year’s Eve Party. So, your girl decided to inspire you all with a colorful sequin mesh dress with an accent fur stole! (I had to incorporate my signature someway! LOL) I’m going to add another fashion hack here, while it may be too late to incorporate this year, SHOP OUT OF SEASON!! I say this because the prices tend to be a little cheaper. For instance, this Express dress was purchased in the peak of the summer at one of my favorite stores, Gabe’s and I’m for sure it was a good buy!! A $69.99 dress was snagged for no more than $25.00. The more exciting part about it is, months later it still looks “on trend” and relevant! Although, shopping too far in advance of an event can make you a little nervous, some things, you can always count on! Regardless of what designers released during fashion week for the year; sequin, fur and glitter will ALWAYS be appropriate for the holiday season! You just have to figure out in what ways you’ll incorporate it into your fashionable looks!

Once you’ve decided on the event and have an idea of what you’re wearing, please, consider your hair, Sis! This look in particular, outside of getting this content out, I would have never worn the dress with these locs!! They were not having it when it came to this sequin!! Had this been the look I actually wore to a party, being someone’s plus one would’ve really ruined their night LOL. I know for sure my date would’ve been over the complaining and the constant swinging of locs just to keep them off the dress directly. My hair style of choice would have been a high bun, top-knot, or a bob! These styles are ideal because they don’t take the attention away from the dress and the hair is away from the detail. Sequin is super tricky and could really be a bomb look gone bad by the end of the night when hair snagging or snagging of any sort is a possible factor. In short, consider the things that will transpire throughout the night before deciding on sequin. I would hate for a perfectly amazing night to be destroyed by a wardrobe malfunction. If nothing else, be mindful and careful!

Let’s talk shoes and accessories! As you know, the shoe seals the deal!! For men, women tend to look down then up. In this case, as women, being admired by another women more than likely (because that’s what we do,) it’ll be face first then we work our way down to the shoe. I chose to pick a color out of the dress instead of going with black what we fashion guru’s call a “pop-color.” I went with an open toe shoe to give the complete look an elegant yet flirty vibe. However, a pointed toe stiletto heel would have definitely worked just as well. I grabbed a staple, the black patent leather clutch, to ensure I was still giving formal feels. I knew that me throwing in my blue fur would spice it up, so I chose a neutral color to tie it all in. As far as jewelry goes, I classify myself as a minimalist, honestly! I just never want to ruin the look with overkill in accessories! So, what I typically do is statement pieces; and since the dress was already busy, I wore my dainty earrings from Charming Charlie’s to compliment but not distract people from the dress and my fur :).

In a nutshell, my OXImoron advice to you would be – when in doubt, glamour it out! Whatever glamour looks like to you, whether that be adding a nice fur to your look, wearing a gown, or wearing something with a little sparkle! I did not wear an overcoat with this look, but I do suggest you think warmth! We’re too old to be trying to look the part and freezing, we have jobs to get to and kids to tend to. A full-length coat is the answer, it will protect you from the cold, especially if your dress or skirt is short in length. The type of full-length coats you ask? I’d recommend wool or fur, of course, especially because these fur coats are truly trending right now! No, you aren’t wearing the coat all night, but how you step out in the cold determines the level of anticipation for the slay when you arrive. They’ll be waiting for you to unleash the slay! Details on the look pictured are below, let me know what you thought of the look!

Dress: Gabe’s

Fur Stole: Amazon

Earrings: Charming Charlies

Shoes: Target

Clutch: Thrifted

You start the year out fabulous, you end it fabulous!

– Dia

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