Struggling to find the right foundation? Here’s a review on IL Makiage foundation.

By: Dia Wins

Stumbling upon the “right“ foundation for your skin can be time consuming, especially being a “Melanin Queen.” If you’re anything like me, your skin combo is ridiculous (dry and oily), so finding one that won’t leave your T-Zone looking crazy is truly a task!! I’ve found myself in Sephora getting matched and snagging samples more than a little bit!! I’ve tried everything from Lancôme to Fenty, but none of them looked like IL MAKIAGE during application. My review to my friends about this product was, “it’s too perfect and it gives an airbrushed look!” The responses from my friends regarding my review left them somewhat puzzled LOL. They said they couldn’t tell if that was a good or bad thing LOL. 

So, let me break it down…

I am that girl that doesn’t have to wear makeup everywhere I go, but when I wear it, I’d like to have a “beat face!” If you’re on Instagram, depending on your interest and activity, you may have seen an ad promoting IL MAKIAGE. The ad suggested something along the lines of it not being an ordinary foundation or at least that was my take away. I had seen it for weeks, but to me, it seemed super sketch! For one, I had never heard about the brand prior to seeing the ads on my timeline. Two, I couldn’t imagine me paying for makeup I couldn’t get samples of (spoiled by Sephora) and didn’t know how it would look on me. Interestingly enough, I guess they had already taken that piece into consideration! When you go on the site, it tells you how you can purchase the foundation for only $5 (shipping cost) and you can try it for free up to 14 days without your card being charged the full amount! That alone had me like, huh? 

I decided to continue on with the process to see what it was all about. Wouldn’t you know they had an entire questionnaire on there? They asked very specific questions about your skin to ensure that the color and type of foundation you selected was the best option. I was honestly impressed!


Now, what I will say here is…

If you aren’t a “makeup person” and you aren’t familiar with your skin as a whole, this isn’t the best route for you. Had it not been for my many consultations and matching at Sephora, I don’t believe I would have been able to accurately complete the questionnaire. So, if this is a product you’d like to invest in, please learn your skin first and then give it a shot.

When I got the package in the mail, I was too hype because the packaging was so “boss-like!” It made me feel like it was THEE foundation to wear! When you open the box, on the inside of the lid it reads: 




That tag-line alone gave me my entire life, OKAY?! Reading something like that already puts you in a position of great expectation!  Surely, I was pleased with the presentation!  

Disclaimer: I didn’t get to wear the makeup for a long period of time, but I did wear it during a recording for my “9-5 Creatives” web series on IGTV to see how it would look on camera. Let’s just say, I was pleased! What I can say however, is that the consistency of the foundation was semi-thick like I enjoy, it’s a psychological thing for sure, though. In my mind, the thicker the foundation, the more likely it is to be full coverage. With that said, I believe that is what threw me for a loop when applying it, because it was flawless and I didn’t really look like I had makeup on. Now, the plus to this is, I was able to build it up to my liking. In layman terms, this foundation can be used by the person who doesn’t like a lot of makeup and just desires to cover blemishes but can also be used by the one who wants to be BEAT TO DA GAWDZ!! 

I do plan to wear the foundation soon and will be able to give you an update on how it did over the course of the day. You’ll have to check that out on my Instagram page @oximoronfash_on! As of now, this is some good stuff, definitely worth trying!  They have a concealer that they try to pair with the foundation at checkout, which is also included in the free trial. I didn’t get it because at the time of purchase, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. Now, your girl is sitting in regret. So, don’t be like me, get them both, sis! 


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