The Real Reasons Why Your Family/Friends Don’t Support You

By: Erica Lorraine

It is often said within the entrepreneurial world that a complete stranger will support you before your friends and family will. Why is that? It just seems so backwards, and twisted. Why would someone I’ve never met before want to see me win more than people I’ve known my entire life?


When we venture out to start new businesses, we automatically assume that our families, friends, and loved ones will support us. We don’t ever question their loyalty because honestly we shouldn’t have too. Yes, it’s taken personal when people who know you are trying to better yourself, refuse to support you. I actually find it interesting that those are the same people who claimed they would support you, and even encouraged you to become an entrepreneur. So why wouldn’t they want to support their family member or friend? Here are some reasons why you may not be getting the support you need.

They can’t get past  who you used to be

Those who have grown up with you, know all of your failures and mishaps. They’ve seen you at your worst, they know your struggles, and sometimes it’s hard for them to believe you are a changed person. You may have gone through a bad divorce, but now you want to empower others, or you may have a criminal background, but now you are working with the youth. These types of situations would actually make you more credible, and does make you credible to strangers who hear your story. Friends/family still view you in your past, and for some it may be a reason for them to not acknowledge your successful future. 

They really don’t believe in you


It’s sad, but it’s real. Often times people can be so small minded, and have no vision for anything, let alone your future. They have negative mind-sets, and bad-thinking. They themselves have never accomplished anything, so they believe you can’t. It may be a parent whose parents never achieved much, so they themselves didn’t achieve much, so now they try to trickle that negativity to you, why? Because it’s unknown to them. They look at where you came from, and they don’t believe you can go any further. These type of people will only start supporting you once you become really successful.

They are haters


Flat out. Simple. Some people just don’t want to see you win. They are the ones who see, and watch every move you make, and refuse to support. They are only watching to see if you fail. These are the types of people who are the most sorry. They are jealous of the moves you are making, and cannot handle your success. They want to see you doing good, but not better than them.

They don’t understand what it means to actually support

When people hear support they automatically hear “Gimmie Some Money!” this of course is not actually true. In today’s digital world support is actually greater when a social media post is shared, or a business page is liked. Family/friends may not be aware of the impact that sharing your business content will have on your success. It’s important to communicate to them exactly what they can do to support you and your business. Explain to them that their support does not have to be monetary, and that simply sharing your business with others will help you to be successful.

It’s unfortunate that those you trust the most, and expect to have your back are sometimes the ones wanting to see you fail. This is why you cannot seek validation from others. Your vision/goals are not for them, they are for you. Continue to press forward and walk in that. Those that matter won’t mind your new success, and those that mind, eventually won’t matter. Keep going!

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