What Men Really Want?

What Men Really Want?

Women are from Mars and men are from Venus has been the most cliché phrase since the late 60’s. Society has always painted a picture that men are human beings and women are just aliens (misunderstood) creatures that they’ve been trying to understand since the medieval times. Yet when you think about it, we are not that different from each other when it comes to thinking of the things we want in life or how we act; especially when it comes to relationships. For example, most of us just want a faithful, loving, ambitious, down to earth, great in bed partner. This description goes for some but not all individuals, which led me to a very good question. “WHAT THE HECK DO MEN WANT?!”

What do men really want it comes to relationships? I had to do some digging and hard research but came up with some interesting answers. Seems like most men want the same things that many women want in a relationship: loyalty, no drama, someone who matches what they bring to the table, someone who can balance out home and work life, or overall just a good partner who will not give up on them.

Now this may sound sweet and simple like those Disney movies filled with romance that we all grew up watching and believing in, but if that was the case then my question is “Why do men cheat?” If most men want these things, then why is cheating at all time high? According to psychcentral.com, 3 out of 5 men in relationships will or have already cheated on their significant other.

I did some more investigating and it seems that men cheat for the same reason women do (yes I said women too). Lack of affections, not getting enough sex, bored (looking for that romantic spark), partner became too comfortable, lack of communication or the individual is just dealing with some deep rooted personal issues they don’t know how to express to their partner.

So many strings can come off this one web when it comes down to this question “What Do Men Want” but we as a society mess up because we group all women and men together. For example, a woman who has been scarred by various men, might say “All men are dogs” this is not a fact but due to the volume or harsh situations she has encountered dealing with men, that have mistreated her, she automatically views all men a certain way. Men do the same thing; I cannot count how many times I’ve heard a man say, “There are no good women left out here.” This perception is not only wrong but can also damage a relationship.

When it comes to knowing what men want, nobody knows the definite answer to that question. We must look at individuals without grouping men or women into one view. Remember this, one man’s wifey qualifications, might not be what the next man desires in a woman. This is important for women to understand especially when it comes to dating. We sometimes think our beauty, cooking, loyalty or sex can keep a man, or get a husband because of the perception of that’s what “all men” want. This is not the case all the time, so it’s very vital that women get to know the guy on a personal level and find out what “he wants” and stop going off the notation of what “all men” want.



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