How To Become A Millionaire

By: Erica Lorraine

Being dis-organized is a complete fail. All of us can think of at least one person in our lives who is dis-organized, and their lives are chaotic. Or that friend that’s been saying they want to start a business for five years now, but hasn’t even developed a business plan. They tend to live life on a whim, and just take it “day by day.” Dis-organized people tend to also have bad habits such as procrastination, being lazy, and also late to everything. They typically take on more ventures than they can handle, never finishing one. Their lives are not in order, and they have difficulties completing goals. Don’t be this person! Organization is not hard, but it requires practice. Here’s how to get started.

Everyone Should Have a Calendar

 Having a calendar is a great start to “get yo life.” You need to be able to track days, and months to stay on track with goals. Having a calendar will help you manage your activities, commitments, and the amount of time you have to complete them. Those with smartphones can even build alerts into their calendars on their phones. It would be beneficial to have more than one calendar to keep things organized, and not overwhelming. You should have a calendar for business, home, and personal. For those with kids, calendars are heaven sent! Tracking practices, homework assignments, and chores will help to keep the home life organized. When children recognize the order in the home, they will adapt to it, and also learn from it as they get older.

Vision Boards Help You to Organize Your Goals

Vision boards are a daily reminder for you to stay on top of your goals. A vision board is a collection of goals, and dreams that you want to achieve. You can add a timeline of when and how you plan to achieve those goals.  In order for your vision board to be effective, it should be posted somewhere where you can see it every day, for it to be effective. It is also a motivating tool once you start accomplishing the goals depicted on your board.

You Need Some Sort of Filing System

There is nothing more frustrating than when you need to apply for a passport, a loan, or buy a house, and can’t produce your legal documents. You must have a filing system to keep important documents such as birth certificates, tax documents, and shot records on hand. God forbid you find yourself in a state of emergency, and have to evacuate. You will need to be able to have all these documents on your person. I personally have a portable filing system that locks, that I can take with me if need be. It contains my personal documents, and also my child’s. Everything is organized and labeled according to importance. Take out time to organize your documents, and store them properly so that they do not get damaged.

Write Everything Down

You can’t even remember what you ate for lunch yesterday, so how do you expect to remember tasks? Write everything down, because memory fades but paper remembers. Organize your days and weeks from the most important task, to the least important. Writing things down helps you to pay attention to how you want your day, or business to flow, and requires you to focus. This is extremely important for those who are managers, or entrepreneurs. Writing things down creates clarity and prevents overwhelm. If possible, delegate to others the tasks that don’t require you to be so hands on. Those that desire to become business owners, must first write their business plan. Writing down the cost, your target consumer, and location, will help you to recognize possible problems, and correct them before wasting time, and money.  

Being organized takes practice, and dedication, but will make your life more stable, and less hectic. When you are organized you will be able to effectively manage your life, and your goals. Productivity will increase while procrastination decreases. You have to create the balance in your life and that balance begins with organization. Being organized is the first step in becoming a millionaire.

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